LEAVE A LEGACY® is a campaign conducted by the National Committee on Planned Giving to inspire people like you to make charitable bequests. Bequests are just one type of "planned gift" – a gift that will be distributed sometime in the future – to a charity that is meaningful to you. Through LEAVE A LEGACY®, people who have made charitable bequests and other types of planned gifts share their experiences in the hope of encouraging others to give.

LEAVE A LEGACY® is a broad-based community campaign that involves all types of nonprofit groups, including social service and arts organizations, churches, hospitals and educational institutions. The program is conducted by professionals who assist donors with charitable estate planning. These partners help promote the message that people from all walks of life – covering a wide range of ages and income levels – have the ability to “make a difference in the lives that follow” by leaving a charitable legacy.

LEAVE A LEGACY® does NOT solicit gifts for any particular organization. We want you to choose the charity that has touched you for any future donations you wish to give. It is simply our mission to encourage bequests to charities you deem deserving.


Program History

The LEAVE A LEGACY® program first began as a grassroots effort in Columbus, Ohio, in 1994. Since LEAVE A LEGACY® was established, a strong army of dedicated and skilled volunteers has launched community programs to help raise awareness about bequest giving in every way possible. Along the way, thousands of people have written wills, and learned what steps to take to leave a bequest to charity.

After an amazing level of public interest and program growth, the National Committee on Planned Giving stepped in to conduct a more far-reaching LEAVE A LEGACY® program. Under NCPG’s guidance, the initiative has expanded across North America, with programs operating in 165 communities in the United States, and 24 in Canada. All programs are sponsored by local planned giving councils, which are groups consisting of professionals who are experts in all types of charitable gifts.